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Im Internet gefunden... (weekly)

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    • ein sehr effektives Instrument zur Erweiterung des Horizontes beim Lernen
    • as Web 2.0 ist
    • das Web als Bereicherung zu nutzen
    • besser kommunizieren, besser recherchieren, mehr (voneinander) lernen!
    • Schritt für Schritt-Anleitungen unter anderem dargestellt an: Blogs, Wikis, RSS-Newsreadern, sozialem Bookmarking, Fotogalerien, Facebook, MySpace und Twitter.
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    • The key to good leadership is to earn people's trust —which generally means trusting them first.
    • Even more noteworthy is Dumbledore's trust in Snape
    • I trust Severus Snape.
    • Dumbledore is right to trust both Hagrid and Snape,
    • he consistently has their backs
    • he's willing to take that risk to support a faculty member
    • He leaves them alone and allows them to do their jobs
    • he's not a micromanager
    • Dumbledore
    • oes not shy away from making tough decisions when necessary
    • provost
    • great administrators have the courage to make those risky decisions, nevertheless
    • "I make mistakes like the next man. In fact, being —forgive me —rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger."
    • A good administrator must frequently admit to being in the wrong, sometimes even when he or she actually isn't.
    • eternal good humor and civility
    • Dumbledore remains unflappable, smiling, even
    • "Jokes? No, no, these are manners,"

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